For US group, Egypt matchmaking app is a catch

Hawaya, the Egyptian matchmaking that was previously known as Harmonica, and was acquired by the global online dating company Match Group, is witnessing a significant surge in its usage due to Covid Coronavirus , it announced in a statement today. The startup that enables Muslims singles all around the world to find and connect with their potential life partner through its mobile app said that it has seen the numbers of messages being exchanged between its users increase by 40 percent month-over-month in March and a 25 percent increase in the time spent on the app. Hawaya has also seen an increase of 50 percent in the usage of its exclusive chat mode. The feature enables two users to choose to temporarily communicate exclusively with each other. When they use this option, they cannot message anyone else on the app. The app that was initially launched in Egypt is currently expanding to different other Muslim markets including Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, and Turkey. Egypt, however, continues to remain its largest market. That is why we believe that our app is now more important than ever, giving people a sense of companionship and the possibility of finding lifelong true love. The startup is encouraging digital conversations by posting coronavirus advisories, emphasizing the importance of staying home and getting acquainted remotely.

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Finding love as a Muslim Canadian — even harder! With a relatively small Muslim Canadian population — just over one million — geographical and faith-based obstacles, finding a romantic partner whose values and beliefs align with your own can be daunting — to say the least! Enter Hawaya, a mobile app by worldwide dating authority Match Group, that approaches matchmaking with respect for Muslim tradition and culture.

It is designed for Muslim men and women with serious intentions and is culturally tailored with community traditions in mind. Currently available in 11 countries, with plans to expand to the U. The survey findings highlighted the many challenges facing Canadian Muslims when it comes to finding a like-minded romantic partner.

Match Group has announced the acquisition of the Egyptian emerging matchmaking application Harmonica.

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Muslim Matchmaking platform Hawaya expands across GCC

Are you building a startup and want to share your story? Do you have tips for entrepreneurs, or insights to MENA industries? Submit your article with a photo and we’ll get in touch with you. Following its success in Egypt, and a surge in its usage during the Coronavirus outbreak, the matchmaking app now operates across the GCC, Turkey and Indonesia.

Hawaya, the popular Cairo-born matchmaking app that not only connects single Muslims but aims to help them find the right marriage material partner, has now launched in GCC countries such as UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

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If you face any issues please contact support magnitt. As exits are accelerating in the Middle East and North Africa MENA , Egypt-based Harmonica , a seed-stage startup that offers mobile matchmaking with a large presence in the Middle East and other countries with a large Muslim population, today announced that it has been acquired by international dating giant Match Group.

After the acquisition, 12 full-time employees from Harmonica are joining Match Group to help it serve the Muslim demographic globally. Back in April , Harmonica was founded by Sameh Saleh, Tamer Saleh, Shaymaa Ali, and Aly Khaled, four Egyptian entrepreneurs that wanted to use technology to enhance the matchmaking process in a traditionally acceptable manner. The idea came out of personal experience, as Sameh founded Harmonica after witnessing his sister and other relatives attempt to meet potential husbands through the arranged marriage process.

He believed technology could improve this process and facilitate meaningful relationships, as well as empower singles to meet their future life partners. However, there were no products serving his community or addressing more conservative cultural norms at that point in time. The Harmonica team is not only smart and innovative, but has built a highly differentiated and technologically impressive product that, although early stage, truly understands the needs of this culture.

It was critical that what we built was something to protect them and represent the values that our community cares deeply about. Stay up to date, subscribe to our newsletters. Login Register. Register with Linkedin.

Matchmaking friends app

The majority of CBI programs are about creating opportunities and new perspectives for people and businesses all over the world. CBI could assist in matchmaking that has helped Siwa to orientate and enter the European high-end home furnishings marketplace. Moreover, export to Europe offers new perspectives for the lives of women and their community in the Siwa oasis.

Lack of opportunities and perspectives is the reality for the women living in the Siwa oasis in the middle of the desert. Marriage was one of the only options left open to them, with the expectation that they would be married by the age of eighteen. Laila Neamatalla is an Egyptian entrepreneur and creative jeweller and designer.

Swipe Like An Egyptian: Harmonica. 15 November BBC News, The dating app built for young Egyptians · Discover More Tags: Egypt Internet.

Matchmaking applications have been booming globally in the last few years, and the MENA region is no exception. Many local applications have started to appear, with a large user base. These cater to the socio-cultural norms of the Middle East, where going on one-on-one dates is generally discouraged. In , Mahmoud Khalaf launched Okhtub , an application that aims to help young men and women start a happy married life.

Khalaf started researching the idea in He simply asked people on Facebook what they would like to see on the application. This includes information about their education, employment, social status, financial status and the qualities they want in a possible partner. To ensure that the relationships on the platform are serious, the app does not allow users to speak with multiple people. It limits users to one other user at a time. Khalaf says that this is a way to ensure that both parties are on the same page.

Okhtub is based on a subscription system. Nevertheless, the socio-cultural views around dating apps is quite a difficult hurdle for Khalaf. He is not the only one to struggle with this. Other matchmaking app founders in the MENA region have similar issues.

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Here is where Okhtub , a matchmaking app, available for free on Android, for the purpose of marriage using the AI technology and based on psychology, steps in. This is why Okhtub helps its users find life companions that are in coherence and share similar desired values and principals. Okhtub wants to make couples find their life companion and make their relationship happy and lifetime-lasting. As evident from the name, Okhtub helps users meet their perfect partner in order to take the first official step in marriage which is the engagement.

How does Okhtub fight the casual dating trend? Well, as a start, Okhtub verifies all its users by requesting their national IDs and selfies.

Matchmaking was an exclusive women’s profession. They had access to women’s quarters, peeked behind closed doors and probed through.

Today, Match Group announced that it has made an acquisition of Cairo-based Harmonica , an app which approaches mobile matchmaking with respect for local traditions and cultures. In total, a team of 12 full-time employees is joining Match Group to help it serve the Muslim demographic globally. Sameh Saleh , Tamer Saleh , Shaymaa Ali , and Aly Khaled, four Egyptian entrepreneurs that wanted to use technology to enhance the matchmaking process in a traditionally acceptable manner founded Harmonica in April Sameh founded Harmonica after witnessing his sister and other relatives attempt to meet potential husbands through the arranged marriage process.

He believed technology could facilitate meaningful relationships and empower singles to meet their future life partners, but there were no products serving his community or addressing more conservative cultural norms. It was critical that what we built was something to protect them and represent the values that our community cares deeply about. Bahrain-based digital platform and publication for startups in the Middle East. Exclusive events, in-depth workshops, insightful content, and informative news.

August 8, Startup MGZN. Hurt as Chief Operating Officer.

Okhtub: Intelligent Serious Matchmaking App for Marriage

Poster for an Egyptian matchmaking service. In a matchmaking office in a poor Cairo neighborhood, Mohamed Essam, a divorced cook sat for the first time this week with Gehan, a divorced accountant. The meeting was not meant to break the ice for a potential couple. It had to be short and to the point.

Every day, match, united arab matchmaking dubai matchmaking websites and clips. Egyptian matchmaking and join us with them find arab girls, for free.

The users answer 30 questions and the app, using algorithms, matches people of compatible interest. Not long ago, matchmaking was a noble and much needed profession. The new generation watched matchmakers in black and white movies filmed during the first half of the last century and, to a large extent, in its second half as well. Closest to families than some relatives, they knew the secrets of the girls and their flaws.

Like bees, matchmakers buzzed from house to house, their wallets loaded with photos of young women like decks of cards. Their jobs were to find them the best suiters available. Generous rewards awaited them upon closing the deals. Like detectives, they watched attentively, observed the details, took mental notes and delivered the information to mothers of potential grooms. With more women venturing into the work field, matchmaking fizzled, as the profession became associated with a different era, different mentalities.

Young people now have more opportunities to meet in collages, at work, in social clubs, or at the gym. In Egypt, the culture revolves around marriage, which causes stress to many. But while on the one hand, staying single beyond a certain age is frowned upon, on the other, it is also becoming harder for educated young women with flourishing careers to find compatible partners.

As a result, matchmaking was revived, but the old-fashioned matchmakers were replaced with agencies. Candidates looking for life partners paid registration fees and filled application forms.

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May 2, – Egyptian matchmaking startup Harmonica has raised $ from the 23rd batch of the Silicon Valley global accelerator, Startups. Founded.

CAIRO – Match Group, a US digital company providing dating services and the owner of brands such as Tinder, Match and Meetic, has announced the acquisition of the Egyptian emerging matchmaking application Harmonica, marking the latest major success for the local start-up arena. Unlike mainstream dating apps and the more traditional matchmaking agencies, Harmonica relies on an artificial intelligence engine to determine compatibility among users to help them find relationships.

Harmonica gathers information from a wide range of personal questions designed by psychologists, the accounts and individual assessments, which allow the lifestyle, way of thinking and priorities of each user to be identified. The data are analysed by an algorithm that suggests potential partners, which adjust as the application is used and users evaluate proposed matches. This is particularly the case with women, who have the option to hide or blur their pictures, give a guardian of their choice the option to access the application or report other users.

For US group, Egypt matchmaking app is a catch. Marc Espanol. With a focus on accuracy. Courtesy Harmonica. Written By Marc Espanol.

Modern dating and matchmaking in Egypt

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